Security Print

Security Print 

With the imposition of stricter security regulations and standards globally in recent years, the challenge to provide trustworthy security documents is greater now than ever before. As secure printing technology has improved, so too has the sophistication of the forger, meaning there is an ongoing need to find new ways to protect these documents.

Our Expertise 

At Smurfit Kappa Security Concepts Limited (SKSC), we have been extremely proactive in developing and providing solutions to meet the needs brought about by these developments. We have had considerable success in producing and supplying security printed documents to the international market. SKSC have extensive experience in secure print production, garnered over four decades in the industry, support by our accreditation to Intergraf ISO 14298: 2013.

Our Capability

We successfully protect security printed documents by working with our industry partners, combined with our own capabilities, to offer the following security suite:

  • Award winning secure design
  • Security papers
  • Security inks
  • Innovative features and devices
  • Digital technologies
  • Specialist printing and production capabilities
  • Overt and covert features
  • Intelligent audit numbering
  • Document examiner education tools

Security Print Products



Smurfit Kappa Security Concepts have had considerable success in printing and supplying ICAO compliant Machine Readable Passports and Machine Readable ePassports, as well as providing personalisation systems. We are proud suppliers to the Irish Government and have been producing passports and ePassports to them for over thirty years.

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Seafarers identity documents

Seafarers documents

Smurfit Kappa Security Concepts Limited, in cooperation with our partner WorldReach Software Corporation, have developed a full solution for the issuance of seafarer identity documents compliant to the necessary regulations, in a securely robust yet cost effective way.

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Fiscal Stamps

Smurfit Kappa Security Concepts has a unique blend of security printing experience and technology solutions for Tax Stamp Programmes. Smurfit Kappa Security Concepts has designed and printed Tobacco Tax Stamps for the Irish Revenue Commissioners including numerous new upgrades to stay ahead of would be counterfeiters and Forgers since 1996.

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Tax discs

Vehicle certificates

Smurfit Kappa Security Concepts have printed Irish Government Motor Tax Discs and other car related certificates since 2008. We are a specialist supplier of Motor Tax Discs and other vehicle related certificates.


Identity cards

Identity documents

Smurfit Kappa Security Concepts works with a network of specialist trusted partners to design and supply innovative world class travel and identity documents. In addition to paper-based ePassports, we provide a range of cards to the market including the Irish Passport Card and the Irish EU Resident Permit card.

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bank cheques


Cheques and drafts continue to be key payment methods in many parts of world. However cheque materials remain vulnerable to fraudulent interference, making the secure design and print delivered by Smurfit Kappa Security Concepts critical. We work closely with Governments and advise financial institutions to ensure cheque production and processing procedures are completely secure. We can advise on all stages from design, to print, to secure distribution. Smurfit Kappa Security Concepts is fully accredited to APACS standards for the supply of Banking Documents.



With certificates often containing personal and commercial information both are at risk of counterfeit or fraudulent attempts for financial gain. Using our security printing expertise, certificates are produced using the latest design and printing security features. In addition, we also design and print; Certificates such as companies registration certificates, Citizenship Certificates, Work Permits Prescription pads, State benefit books, Certificates of authenticity.

Breeder documents

Breeder documents

Breeder Documents, such as birth, marriage and death certificates, provide evidence of milestone life events of an individual, and are used to support applications for identity, residence and travel documents. Owing to their critical role in establishing the identity and status of a citizen, they must be highly resistant to counterfeit and forgery. Smurfit Kappa Security Concepts has been trusted by Government agencies to design produce their breeder certificates for many years.

Ballot paper

Ballot papers

The printing of ballot papers requires a high degree of technical competence allied with an unblemished reputation for professionalism and ethical business. Smurfit Kappa Security Concepts meets all such criteria and is well positioned to supply ballot papers and other secure election materials to any location globally. Our Grade A secure print facility, combined with our global footprint, ensures that we can deliver securely, accurately and on-time to meet any requirement.



Smurfit Kappa Security Concepts designs, prints and produces high security retail vouchers which are created to combat any counterfeit or fraudulent attempts for financial gain. Using our security printing expertise, vouchers are produced using the latest design and printing security features.

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